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to take precautions, gives a good feeling to have controlled everything.

Whereas previously the death was considered an integral part of life, it is now becoming increasingly marginalized. Nobody likes to think about death of his family, or even to their own. But just in the sense of the family, it is advisable to make an early thoughts on the measures to be taken in the event of death.

In a funeral pension contract is legally binding requirements for the design of the funeral can write. Information on the manner and the form of the funeral are an integral part of the contract. The hedging of the cost can be done through the establishment of a special bank account.

We are happy to help you to formulate your individual wishes for designing your funeral in a funeral pension contract.
While previously had all statutory health insurance are entitled to death benefits, the death benefit has been deleted entirely from 1 1 of 2004. By eliminating the death benefit with rising communal dues and stagnant employment and pension income, funeral expenses for those left behind often to a non-negligible burden are.

To relieve the bereaved, it makes sense to take out funeral insurance. It helps avoid having to rely on savings or the survivor’s pension in meeting the funeral expenses.

Even for older people can be realized at relatively favorable conditions corresponding autonomous hedges. We would like to submit an individually tailored offer. Please contact us in this regard.

Our insurance partners, we can offer you and your family a secure pension.


In any case, it makes sense to create a will. To make sure that the emergency is all done according to your wishes.

The holographic will must be handwritten drawn up and signed. Couples can also draw up a joint will. In this case, both must sign the testament handwritten created by a spouse.

Ensure that signatures are always done with full name and surname. To avoid Personenmissverständnisse. You must also be sure to hold the place and date of writing. If you want to be sure that your will now enter into force, so please enter it at the district court or a notary in official custody.

Basically, you are free to determine in your will who how and under what conditions should inherit what. Only the mandatory portion you have no control.

Once created Testament you can revoke at any time. Given destroying the will or make a handwritten note “invalid”. A new will automatically sets a previous suspended.