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Natural burials in Göttingen

Fried Wald or Fried Park on the Stadtfriedhof- orchards grave Parkfriedhof Junker Berg

The tree burial in a FriedWald provides for all the people an alternative, who want an individual and natural burial outside normal cemeteries.

In FriedWald, a natural piece of wood, the ashes of the deceased will be buried at the foot of a tree. It is basically possible that a tree over time the final resting place for a whole family can be. If this is planned, the issue FriedWald funeral should be discussed with the family and accepted by all stakeholders tree are selected. The “family tree” then sets often as far back as a central point of reference, irrespective of the center of life of individual family members.

FriedWald trees are exactly cartographically recorded and entered in tree register. The exact representation of the tree on the site plan allows it at any time to find and identify. It is also possible to provide the tree with a sign on which the data of there interred deceased can be engraved. An award certificate certifies the right of use of the tree. By registration in the Land Register of the tree is protected up to 99 years compared deforestation.

As in conventional burials, the funeral takes place in the home of the deceased. The funeral in FriedWald is then later the immediate family, often also involving a clergyman or free speaker. (In principle, it is also possible to perform a funeral urn with burial on site.)
Of course, we all accept in connection with FriedWald burials occurring formalities. We take care of the cremation and organize the funeral.

Need more information about FriedWald burials, please visit the following website:

The alternative to FriedWald

Fried Park on the Stadtfriedhof Göttingen

An individual and natural burial in the cemetery.

Orchards grave in the cemetery Park Junker Berg

An individual and natural burial in the cemetery.

Funerals are offered in a natural environment as a community grave sites on the two municipal cemeteries also. Choosing grave sites for urns have not Grabbeet and can also be reserved in advance purchase. A commitment to a regular grave care deleted.

The funeral takes place in a transitory ash capsule. The tombs also a double occupancy with two ash capsules is superposed, selectable as a family tomb.

On request there is the possibility of a roll-call mark on a memorial stele. Participation by members at the burial is possible. The cost of the funeral, please refer to the applicable statutes cemetery fees. Guests can also advises the cemetery administration in the Park Cemetery Junker Berg at (0551) 400-5216.

The department “Fruit Wies grave” on the Park Cemetery Junker Berg Opened in of 2006. The nature of an orchard modeled stand here 41 different fruit trees in a diverse, flourishing meadow. The every tree assigned granite Tele offers the possibility of storing mourning jewelery, as well as with a small name tag on the / deceased / n to remember.

At the town cemetery is since 2006 under old trees the possibility of burial in “Fried Park”. From a hornbeam hedge shielded dominate four major pillars of oak the department. These steles were obtained from the local forests and take the symbolism of the tree burial at.

Again, stored mourning jewelry, and a name tag attached.